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Questions tagged [bounding-box]

For questions related to the concept of a bounding box in object detection or other computer vision tasks.

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Can the output of non-max suppression have more bounding boxes than the number of objects the picture actually has?

I am not really understanding the non-max supression (NMS) algorithm. Let's say my model produces 20 bounding boxes (bbs) for my picture which have 7 cats (7 objects with the same class). Can it be ...
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How to calculate CIoU or DIoU loss only for certain unmasked boxes in tensor and ignore the masked values?

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How do transformers compare to CNNs in terms of compute budget (and computing time) during inference?

Transformers are data and GPU hungry during training. Is this also true at inference time? How do transformers compare to feedforward CNNs e.g., during bounding box generation at inference time? I ...
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Is there a state-of-the-art deep learning paper that uses center point regression instead of bounding box regression, for object tracking?

Almost all deep learning based object tracking methods perform bounding box regression. Siamese-based networks which are very popular for object tracking also perform bounding box regression most of ...
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How does YOLO detect the object when the object is in multiple grid cells?

I have been reading various articles and watching videos on YouTube, but I can't seem to understand one thing. How does YOLO make a bounding box for an object if it is in multiple grid cells? For ...
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Why is it called "area of union" when calculating the Intersection over Union?

When calculating the Intersection Over Union the following explanation is widely used. (Source: A Survey on Performance Metrics for Object-Detection Algorithms, by Padilla et al. 2020) The image and ...
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YOLO - are the anchor boxes used only in training?

another question in YOLO. I've red about how YOLO adjusts anchor boxes by offsets to create the final bounding boxes. What I do not understand, is when YOLO does it. Is it being done only during the ...
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How does a bounding box detection network "know" about absolute position?

I've always found bounding box regression a bit weird. There's no positional encoding like in vision transformers, so how does the network "know" the absolute position when producing ...
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Different equations for Yolov3 in courses/ articles and Darknet GitHub code?

I am confused by the equations for bounding boxes I find online. Some articles say that box_width = anchor_width * exp(residual_value_of_box_width)) and the ...
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Why do the object detection networks produce multiple anchor boxes per location?

In various neural network detection pipelines, the detection works as follows: One processes the input image through the pretrained backbone Some additional convolutional layers The detection head, ...
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How to understand the common practices followed for writing a "bounding box" for an image in datasets?

For the image datasets, there may be a bounding box for each image at the dataset. It is an annotation for an image. It is a rectangular box intended for focusing on something inside the image. I read ...
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Bounding Box Regression - An Adventure in Failure [closed]

I've solved many problems with neural networks, but rarely work with images. I have about 18 hours into creating a bounding box regression network and it continues to utterly fail. With some loss ...
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Can bounding boxes further improve the performance of a CNN classifier?

Suppose I have a standard image classification problem (i.e. CNN is shown a single image and predicts a single classification for it). If I were to use bounding boxes to surround the target image (i.e....
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What's the role of bounding boxes in object detection?

I'm quite new to the field of computer vision and was wondering what are the purposes of having the boundary boxes in object detection. Obviously, it shows where the detected object is, and using a ...
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How to architect a network to find bounding boxes in simple images?

I have an application where I want to find the locations of objects on a simple, relatively constant background (fixed camera angle, etc). For investigative purposes, I've created a test dataset that ...
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How are IOUs for ground truth boxes in YOLO calculated?

I know how IOU works during detection. However, while preparing targets from ground-truth for training, how is the IOU between a given object and all anchor boxes calculated? Is the ground truth ...
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