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For questions about implementation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the C++ programming language.

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Bug in backpropagation algorithm

I've been debugging my backpropagation algorithm for nearly a week and I can't seem to find where I went wrong, yet my network doesn't seem to learn correctly. It learns XOR just fine when I use the ...
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In SIFT, how is the coordinate system being rotated?

I need to understand how SIFT calculates the descriptors for the keypoints. Intuitively, I understand that it takes each keypoint, calculates the gradients for each pixel in a neighborhood of the ...
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What language is the GPT-3 engine written in?

I know that the API is python based, but what's the gpt-3 engine written in mostly? C? C++? I'm having some trouble finding this info.
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Which approach should I use to classify points above and below a sine function $y(x) = A + B \sin(Cx)$?

In a linear regression problem, a line can divide a data set into two categories. So, basically, points above the line belong to category 1, and points below the ...
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Genetic algorithm stuck and cannot find an optimal solution

I'm working on SLAP (storage location assignment problem) using genetic algorithm implemented manually in the C++ programming language. The problem is fairly simple, we do have ...
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Neural network doesn't seem to converge with ReLU but it does with Sigmoid?

I'm not really sure if this is the sort of question to ask on here, since it is less of a general question about AI and more about the coding of it, however I thought it wouldn't fit on stack overflow....
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Is it expected that adding an additional hidden layer to my 3-layer ANN reduces accuracy significantly?

I've been using several resources to implement my own artificial neural network package in C++. Among some of the resources I've been using are
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How do you go from the last convolutional layer to your first fully connected layer?

I'm implementing a neural network framework from scratch in C++ as a learning exercise. There is one concept I don't see explained anywhere clearly: How do you go from your last convolutional or ...
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Any good resources for learning programming GPU level operations? [closed]

I want to be able to improve my lower level device specific programming abilities to assist in future endeavors. Examples would be learning to write custom tensorflow operations in C++ optimized to ...
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Why does C++ seem less widely used than Python in AI?

I just want to know why do machine learning engineers and AI programmers use languages like Python to perform AI tasks and not C++, even though C++ is technically a more powerful language than Python.
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Value iteration algorithm from pseudo-code to C++ [closed]

I am having a difficult time translating this pseudocode into functional C++ code. At line 10: The value function is represented as V[s], which has bracket notation-like arrays. Is this a separate ...
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