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For questions related to the capsule neural network, which is a neural network that attempts to more closely mimic the biological neural organization.

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How significant is the decoder part of the capsule network?

Capsule Networks use an encoder-decoder structure, where the encoder part consists of the capsule layers (PrimiaryCaps and DigitCaps) and is also the part of the capsule network which performs the ...
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What is the status of the capsule networks?

What is the status of the capsule networks? I got an impression that capsule networks turned out not to be so useful in applications more complicated than the MNIST (at least according to this reddit ...'s user avatar
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Is there a tutorial for beginners on capsule neural networks?

I am interested in capsule neural networks. I have already read the paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules, but it is a little bit difficult to follow. Is there a tutorial for beginners on capsule ...
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Is the number of neurons in each capsule in a capsule neural network hardcoded?

The capsule neural networks have been formally introduced in the paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules. Much ado has been made about how the capsules output a vector (magnitude = probability that an ...
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Is anyone able to reproduce Hinton's matrix capsule networks?

I've been working on Hinton's matrix capsule networks for several months. I searched each corner of the internet. But I couldn't find anyone that can reproduce Hinton's matrix capsule network. Can ...
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How exactly is equivariance achieved in capsule neural networks?

I have read quite a lot about capsule networks, but I cannot understand how the squashed vector would also rotate in response to rotation or translation of the image. A simple example would be helpful....
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Why coupling coefficients in capsule neural networks can't be learned by back-propagation?

The paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules uses the algorithm called "Dynamic Routing Between Capsules" to determine the coupling coefficients between capsules. Why it can't be done by ...
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Would it make sense to use together capsule neural neworks and "topic / narrative modeling"?

This is actually something I have been researching a bit on my own. Most movie scripts can be structurally analysed by using writing theory such as Dramatica. Dramatica is based upon a hierarchy of ...
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Is the word "pose" used correctly in the paper "Matrix Capsules with EM Routing"?

In traditional computer vision and computer graphics, the pose matrix is a $4 \times 4$ matrix of the form $$ \begin{bmatrix} r_{11} & r_{12} & r_{12} & t_{1} \\ r_{21} & r_{...
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Why does the size reduce to $6 \times 6$ in the capsule networks?

I want to experiment with capsule networks on facial expression recognition (FER). For now, I am using fer2013 Kaggle dataset. One thing that I didn't understand in capsule networks was in the first ...
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Have capsule neural networks been used to NLP problems?

The capsule neural network seems to be a good solution for problems that involve hierarchies. For example, a face is composed of eyes, a nose and ears; a hand is made of fingers, nails, and a palm; ...
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What is an activity vector in capsule neural networks?

I was reading the paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules and didn't understand the term "activity vector" in the abstract. A capsule is a group of neurons whose activity vector represents the ...
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How do capsule neural networks work?

Geoffrey Hinton has been researching something he calls "capsules theory" in neural networks. What is it? How do capsule neural networks work?
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