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Questions tagged [card-games]

For questions related to card games in the context of artificial intelligence.

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How should I write the reward function to teach the agent the rules of this card game?

I'm quite new to reinforcement learning. I've been training the model for the following problem but the mean reward is stuck. In a 5 by 5 board, each position can contain a card with a color (0-4) ...
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AI for games which involve social intelligence. Games like warewolf where players must persuade, charm, threaten etc

I'm looking for any introductory/accessible reading on AI that can play games which involve social intelligence. Games like poker, where you might bait someone into overcommiting their hand or ...
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How to model the inputs and outputs of the neural network for the Splinterlands card game?

I have recently just completed a course on deep learning and I feel like an intermediate, but I still don't know how to structure this problem. I'm looking to create a NN to play the card game ...
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Are there heuristics that play Klondike Solitaire well?

Are there heuristics that play Klondike Solitaire well? I know there are some good exhaustive search solvers for Klondike Solitaire. The best one that I know of is Solvitaire (2019) which uses DFS, (...
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How can I design and train a neural network to play a card game (similar to Magic: The Gathering)?

Introduction I am currently writing an engine to play a card game, as there is no engine yet for this particular game. About the game The game is similar to Magic: The Gathering. There is a commander, ...
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