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For questions related to the continuous bag-of-words (CBOW) model, which is a specific type of word2vec model.

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How was the word2vec model trained?

Let's take the CBOW (continuous bag of words) model as the example. Suppose that, there are $c$ context words, each of which is a one-hot encoding vector. So the total number of elements of input ...
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Why is avoiding normalized models a practical solution for reducing the complexity in NNLM?

In the paper Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space, the authors say that "avoiding normalized models completely by using models that are not normalized during training"...
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What is the meaning of "continuous" in a continuous bag-of-words model?

The word continuous in mathematics is a property of either a set or a function that says that the underlying object has no discontinuity in the range mentioned. If the object is a set, then $[-1,1]$ ...
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Is my interpretation of the mathematics of the CBOW and Skip-Gram models correct?

I am a mathematics student who is learning NLP, so I have paid a high amount of attention on the mathematics used in the subject, but my interpretations may or may not be right sometimes. Please ...
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What are the main differences between skip-gram and continuous bag of words?

The skip-gram and continuous bag of words (CBOW) are two different types of word2vec models. What are the main differences between them? What are the pros and cons of both methods?
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