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Questions tagged [chat-bots]

For questions about chat-bots. NOT for questions about how to program a chat-bot, as those kinds of questions are off-topic.

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29 votes
4 answers

Why is ChatGPT bad at math?

As opposed to How does ChatGPT know math?, I've been seeing some things floating around the Twitterverse about how ChatGPT can actually be very bad at math. For instance, I asked it "If it takes ...
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How was ChatGPT trained?

I know that large language models like GPT-3 are trained simply to continue pieces of text that have been scraped from the web. But how was ChatGPT trained, which, while also having a good ...
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54 votes
2 answers

How does ChatGPT retain the context of previous questions?

One of the innovations with OpenAI's ChatGPT is how natural it is for users to interact with it. What is the technical enabler for ChatGPT to maintain the context of previous questions in its answers? ...
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How does ChatGPT know math?

ChatGPT is a language model. As far as I know and If I'm not wrong, it gets text as tokens and word embeddings. So, how can it do math? For example, I asked: ME: Which one is bigger 5 or 9. ChatGPT: ...
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What causes ChatGPT to generate responses that refer to itself as a bot or LM?

ChatGPT occasionally generates responses to prompts that refer to itself as a "bot" or "language model." For instance, when given a certain input (the first paragraph of this ...
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3 answers

How is ChatGPT able to repeat random numbers?

From what I understand, ChatGPT is just a fancy neural network, operating like a sophisticated Markov Chain generator. As such, it should only be able to generate tokens that are in its training ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Are there any AI that have passed the MIST test so far?

MIST is a quantiative test of humanness, consisting of ~80k propositions such as: Is Earth a planet? Is the sun bigger than my foot? Do people sometimes lie? etc. Have any AI attempted and passed ...
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How does ChatGPT respond to novel prompts and commands?

So I understand how a language model could scan a large data set like the internet and produce text that mimicked the statistical properties of the input data, eg completing a sentence like "eggs ...
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Where is memory stored in a chatbot like LaMDA?

I have a basic understanding of how neural networks work, and I have always thought that those chatbots work in a similar way (but I might be wrong): they take an input, shape it in a way that can be ...
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