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For questions relating to the concept of the Chinese Room Argument.

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Is understanding understandable?

While wandering about the ability of Large Language Models to understand, and the Chinese room argument (related question Is the "Chinese room" an explanation of how ChatGPT works?) I got ...
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Is the "Chinese room" an explanation of how ChatGPT works?

Sorry if this question makes no sense. I'm a software developer but know very little about AI. Quite a while ago, I read about the Chinese room, and the person inside who has had a lot of training/...
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How does one prove comprehension in machines?

Say we have a machine and we give it a task to do (vision task, language task, game, etc.), how can one prove that a machine actually know's what's going on/happening in that specific task? To narrow ...
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What are the implications of the statement "If you can't tell, does it matter?" in relation to AI?

"If you can't tell, does it matter?" was one of the first lines of dialogue of the Westworld television series, presented as a throwaway in the first episode of the first season, in response ...
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Is the Cognitive Approach (SOAR) equivalent to the Chinese Room argument?

Soar is a cognitive architecture. There is something called "the Chinese box" or "Chinese room" argument: ...
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Why is reinforcement learning not the answer to AGI?

I previously asked a question about How can an AI freely make decisions?. I got a great answer about how current algorithms lack agency. The first thing I thought of was reinforcement learning, since ...
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What are examples of thought experiments against or in favour of strong AI, apart from the Chinese room argument?

The Chinese Room argument against strong AI overlooks the fact that "the man in the room" is acting as a macro-scale "neurotransmitter" of the larger system in which he resides. It does not rule out ...
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Why is the Chinese Room argument such a big deal?

I've been re-reading the Wikipedia article on the Chinese Room argument and I'm... actually quite unimpressed by it. It seems to me to be largely a semantic issue involving the conflation of various ...
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Is there a formal name for this philosophical AI problem?

Expressed in my own words: Suppose we create something that passes all of our tests and is indistinguishable from another human. How can you know if this is truly a conscious being as a human ...
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Does the Chinese Room argument hold against AI?

Back in college, I had a Complexity Theory teacher who stated that artificial intelligence was a contradiction in terms. If it could be calculated mechanically, he argued, it wasn't intelligence, it ...
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