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is it possible to make use of classes of coco-pretrained weights on custom dataset just training on custom dataset?

I am trying to use detcetron2 panoptic_FPN and panoptic_deeplab models for optimization on custom dataset. You might already now that coco has around 133 classes (both thing and stuff). And my custom ...
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possible to combine multiple labeled objects as one object?

So I have labeled the entire skeletal muscles in detail. For example instead of just labeling shoulders I have labeled: Rear Delt Middle Delt Front Delt but now you want all of the delts to be ...
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Accuracy Not Going Above 30%

I am trying to make a big classification model using the coco2017 dataset. Here is my code: ...
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How can I train YOLO with the COCO dataset?

I am trying to implement the original YOLO architecture for object detection, but I am using the COCO dataset. However, I am a bit confused about the image sizes of COCO. The original YOLO was trained ...
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