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Questions tagged [collaborative-filtering]

For questions related to Collaborative filtering. Collaborative filtering is a technique that can filter out items that a user might like on the basis of reactions by similar users. It works by searching a large group of people and finding a smaller set of users with tastes similar to a particular user.

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collaborative filtering using linear regression

Currently doing andrew ng's unsupervised learning specialization, I came across this algorithm for collaborative filtering: here the Xi refers to feature vector of objects(ex: action in movies, ...
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How to make NN distinguish between two types of functions (data)?

I have a neural network which is trying to predict two types of functions in a noisy setting. The input is an array, and the output is also an array. The two types of functions I am trying to predict ...
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Hyperparameters for Reproducing the Results of IRGAN on MovieLens 1M

I am trying to reproduce results reported for IRGAN (information retrieval GAN) on the MovieLens 1M dataset. The results I want to reproduce and their sources are listed in the table below. Model ...
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How do reinforcement learning and collaborative learning overlap?

How do reinforcement learning and collaborative learning overlap? What are the differences and similarities between these fields? I feel like the results I get via google do not make the distinction ...
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