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Ptr-Net with Constraints

I'm currently working on a research problem that's similar to subset-sum with a bit more rules. Imagine you have a table, each entry has various features (A,B,C) and you have specific constraints. For ...
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Comparing Reinforcement Learning models

I am currently completing my thesis on optimising combinatorial problems, and we decided to utilize reinforcement learning. The problem is that I am not sure which algorithm to choose. Is there a ...
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How to choose the reward in reinforcement learning? [duplicate]

I am solving a combinatorial optimization problem, where I do not have a global optimum, so the goal is to improve the objective function as much as possible. So, to do this, I was inspired by this ...
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How to apply Q-learning when rewards is only available at the last state?

I have a scheduling problem in which there are $n$ slots and $m$ clients. I am trying to solve the problem using Q-learning so I have made the following state-action model. A state $s_t$ is given by ...
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Which solutions could I use to solve a multi-armed "multi-bandit" problem?

Problem I have 66 slot machines. For each of them, I have 7 possible actions/arms to choose from. At each trial, I have to choose one of 7 actions for each and every one of the 66 slots. The reward ...
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