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For questions about the completeness of search algorithms. A search algorithm is complete if it is guaranteed to find one solution (if there is one).

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How do I construct a state space that shows that Greedy Best First Search is not complete while A* is?

Construct a state space with appropriate heuristics and local costs. Show that Greedy Best First search is not complete for the state space. Also illustrate A* is complete and guarantees solution for ...
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Are hill climbing variations always optimal and complete?

Are hill climbing variations (like steepest ascent hill climbing, stochastic hill climbing, random restart hill climbing, local beam search) always optimal and complete?
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Why is the completeness of UCS guaranteed only if the cost of every step exceeds some small positive constant?

I was reading Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach 3rd Edition, and I have reached to the UCS algorithm. I was reading the proof that UCS is complete. The book state that: Completeness is ...
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