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For questions related to content-based image retrieval (CBIR), i.e. the tasks of retrieving one or more images in a database that are close (in terms of content) to a query (or test) image.

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Under what circumstances is a fully connected layer similar to PCA?

I am reading this paper on image retrieval where the goal is to train a network that produces highly discriminative descriptors (aka embeddings) for input images. If you are familiar with facial ...
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Why are the landmark retrieval and facial recognition literature so divergent?

Context and detail I've been working on a particular image retrieval problem and I've found two popular threads in the literature: Image retrieval (usually benchmarked with landmark retrieval datasets)...
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What are bag-of-features in computer vision?

In computer vision, what are bag-of-features (also known as bag-of-visual-words)? How do they work? What can they be used for? How are they related to the bag-of-words model in NLP?
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