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Definition of negatives in NT-Xent loss

I'm trying to understand few details about NT-Xent loss defined in SimCLR paper(link). The loss is defined as $$\mathcal{l}_{i,j} = -\log\frac{\exp(sim(z_i,z_j)/\tau)}{\sum_{k=1}^{2N}\mathbb{1}_{[k\...
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Why the positive example is included in the denominator of NT-Xent loss?

I have a little perplexity about the NT-Xent loss employed in self-supervised contrastive learning. What we are essentially doing is maximizing the similarity of pairs of augmented images while ...
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Explicit representation learning task benefits than simply considering last nerual network layer

Neural networks are ineherently representation learners, so one could simply extract the last layer embedding $\textbf{z} \in \mathbb{R}^d$ of a neural network model and consider it as a ...
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What is the difference between the triplet loss and the contrastive loss?

What is the difference between the triplet loss and the contrastive loss? They look same to me. I don't understand the nuances between the two. I have the following queries: When to use what? What ...
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Embedding Quality of Transfer Learning model vs Contrastive learning model

I am working on Contrastive learning which is a technique to learn features based on the concept of learning from comparing two or more instances. The downstream task is a classification problem. ...
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Why does triplet loss allow to learn a ranking whereas contrastive loss only allows to learn similarity?

I am looking at this lecture, which states (link to exact time): What the triplet loss allows us in contrast to the contrastive loss is that we can learn a ranking. So it's not only about similarity, ...
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What is the difference between Mean Teacher and Knowledge Distillation?

I recently read two papers: BYOL Bootstrap your own latent: A new approach to self-supervised Learning DINO Emerging Properties in Self-Supervised Vision Transformers. I am confused about the terms ...
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How to use K-means clustering to visualise learnt features of a CNN model?

Recently, I was going through the paper Intriguing Properties of Contrastive Losses. In the paper (section 3.2), the authors try to determine how well the SimCLR framework has allowed the ResNet50 ...
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