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Questions tagged [correlation]

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Clustering: which correlated feature to eliminate

I am trying to perform a simple k-means clustering of a sample population based on about 30 features. Some of the variables are highly correlated as measured by the Pearson correlation coefficient and ...
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Why are projected variables in canonical correlation analysis uncorrelated?

Let $x\in R^d$ and $y\in R^e$ be two vectors with covariance and cross-covariance matrices $S_{xx}, S_{yy}, S_{xy}, S_{yx}$. The canonical correlation analysis is based on the projection of $x$ onto ...
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Cooperation between pattern recognition and neural networks for better design of AI

I continue to try to understand how a human brain works and how we can use it to set up AI which would copy the behavior of a actual person. A few days ago I uploaded a question where I described a ...
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Are we missing correlation to achieve a artificial intelligence comparable to humans?

I don't think neural networks are enough to copy human intelligence because in the end a machine only using a neural network to decide on something still is unable to recognize patterns. So I was ...
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Does this learning scenario have a name? If so, can someone point me to relevant literature?

I am faced with a problem which I bet was already solved before, but that I had never seen. Perhaps by discussing it abstractly, someone can point me to relevant literature. It goes like this: I have ...
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How to determine alignment / correlation with comparison based judgments?

I have built an automatic metric (using DL) to estimate some property of text. I want to evaluate its performance by comparing it to human judgments with respect to that property. As far as I know ...
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How to discover/approximate the causations/correlations between multiple time-series and related open source libraries?

I have the following time-series data with two value columns. (t: time, v1: time-series values 1, v2: time-series values 2) ...
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What is meant by correlation structure?

I know only about the Pearson's correlation coefficient in literature. Covariance between two random variables $X$ and $Y$ is defined as $$Cov[X, Y] = \mathbb{E}[(X - \mathbb{E}[X])(Y-\mathbb{E}[Y])]$$...
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How do I determine which variables/features have the strongest relationship with each other?

This is my problem: I have 10 variables that I intend to evaluate two by two (in pairs). I want to know which variables have the strongest relationships with each other. And I'm only interested in ...
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