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Why is the Cosine Similarity Low in My Semantic Engine Using Cohere?

I want to create a semantic engine. I'm using cohere in this way, but it seems to me that the cosine_similarity is too low in this example: ...
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How do I choose a good treshold for classification (using cosine similarity scores)?

I am using openai's text-embedding-ada-002 embeddings model to do a semantic search on a database of articles to find articles that are most related to a given ...
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Cheap differentiable similarity metrics of vectors

I am looking to compute the similarity between a large set of vectors during neural network training - a process that is considerably expensive when choosing the wrong metric. So far, I am making use ...
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model to generate suggestions for improving the cosine similarity of two documents?

I am working on a system that compares a source document to a target document and then generate alternative variations of the source document. The goal is to reach a higher cosine similarity between ...
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Given embedding vector A and vector B, how to find top k embedding vectors such that they are similar to vector A and dissimilar to vector B

Which would be better approach for getting top k embedding vectors such that they are similar to embedding vector A and dissimilar to vector B. Approach 1: calculate ...
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How to reduce the number of clusters produced by the Markov Clustering Algorithm?

I have used the Markov Clustering Algorithm (MCL) to cluster tweets, based on their similarity. However, I got a too high number of clusters, and most of the clusters have only one tweet. Any ...
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How to calculate cosine similarity for classification when you have say 10000 samples belonging to two classes have a bunch of samples

Does anyone have experience with using Cosine Similarity for text classification? I see a number of articles on how to find cosine similarity between documents using Doc2Vec, Gensim, etc. I have a ...
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