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For questions related to the crossover (aka recombination) operator in the context of evolutionary algorithms.

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How should the 1-point crossover and mutation be defined for the problem of finding the largest circle that does not enclose any point?

For a random scattering of points, in a bounded area, the goal is to find the largest circle that can be drawn inside those same bounds that does not enclose any points. Solving this problem with a ...
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Crossover method for gene value containing a set of values

I have a chromosome where each gene contain s set of values. Like the following: chromosome = [[A,B,C],[C,B,A],[C,D,],[],[E,F]] The order in each gene values matters. (A,B,C is different to A,C,B) ...
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How to effectively crossover mathematical curves?

I'm trying to optimize some reflective properties of curves of the form: $a_1x^n+a_2x^{n-1}+a_3x^{n-2} + ... + a_n + b_1y^n+b_2y^{n-1}+b_3y^{n-2} + ... + b_n = 0$ which is basically the curve that ...
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