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CTC Loss incredibly low for wrong output

I am trying to train an OCR model with Vision Transformers. While training the output is a vector with values full of zeros which is obviously padding value. But the CTC loss was small that it was ...
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Why object detection algorithms are poor in optical character recognition?

OCR is still a very hard problem. We don't have universal powerful solutions. We use the CTC loss function An Intuitive Explanation of Connectionist Temporal Classification | Towards Data Science ...
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Why won't my model train with CTC loss?

I am trying to train an LSTM using CTC loss, but the loss does not decrease when I train it. I have created a minimal example of my issue by creating training data where the network simply has to copy ...
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How does the CTC loss work?

I am trying to implement CTC loss in TensorFlow, but their documentation is pretty limited. So I am not sure how to approach the problem. I found a good example in Theano. Are any other resources that ...