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Questions tagged [curve-fitting]

For questions about the concept of curve fitting in the context of machine learning and other related areas.

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Neural Network for Picking Parameters of a Nonlinear Function to Data Points

I'm trying to make a neural network in pytorch that picks the parameters of a nonlinear function, the radius and (x,y) center of a circle in the example below, based on a sample of values from the ...
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Ideal method for finding function that satisfies a set of constraints

I'm new to playing around with deep learning. I'm trying to find a function that satisfies a bunch of constraints, and looking for tips on how to better my approach. Let $F:X\times Y \mapsto [0,1]$, ...
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Output Not Changing - Feeding Previous Outputs Back Into a Model

Full disclosure, I also posted this on Stack Overflow I have put a more theory based bent towards the question itself here I have a simple model in pytorch based on the quickstart except instead of a ...
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Inquiry about utilising AI in CNC machining path generation

I will begin by describing a situation. I work in laser machining control company. The essence of the problem, to which I would like to try to apply AI based tool is this: Say I have a analytically ...
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