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How can I solve the blurring problem in GAN generated images?

In my project I work in dresses dataset. I can solve the problem of black pixels but blurring still existed. I tried many computer vision filters like median filter, Biliteral filter, Sharpen methods ...
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U-Net Maxpooling vs Convolution

Hello I'm implementing a CycleGAN and most of the other implementations I've seen on the internet use Convolution with stride 2 instead of a Maxpoolinglayer for downsample. On to my question, why ...
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What is the meaning of $p_{\text {data }}(y)$ in the CycleGAN?

In the original CycleGAN paper, on the second page, there is a sentence that I didn't quite understand In theory, this objective can induce an output distribution over $\hat{y}$ that matches the ...
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Does a colour consistency loss in neural networks (cycleGAN) make sense?

My neural network takes an image as an input and outputs another image. It's the generator of a cycleGAN. I would like to add (to the discriminator loss, the ...
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What is an adversarial attack?

I'm reading this really interesting article CycleGAN, a Master of Steganography. I understand everything up until this paragraph: we may view the CycleGAN training procedure as continually mounting ...
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