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Why do we need to have two heads in D3QN to obtain value and advantage separately, if V is the average of Q values?

I have two questions on the Dueling DQN paper. First, I have an issue on understanding the identifiability that Dueling DQN paper mentions: Here is my question: If we have given Q-values $Q(s, a; \...
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2 answers

Questions on the identifiability issue and equations 8 and 9 in the D3QN paper

I have difficulty understanding the following paragraph in the below excerpts from page 4 to page 5 from the paper Dueling Network Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning. The author said "...
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How does having zero advantage help with identifiability?

I am reading the D3QN paper and they have the following paragraph - Equation (7) is unidentifiable in the sense that given $Q$ we cannot recover $V$ and $A$ uniquely. To see this, add a constant to $...
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