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For questions related to data compression in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Does GPT not need to compress its training data?

In his recent short pamphlet on GPT, Stephan Wolfram says ... the 'size of the network' that seems to work well is ... comparable to the 'size of the training data'. ... in this representation it ...
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How it is possible to compress audio with the image representation of an audio?

In most of the speech compression using machine/deep learning, I have seen that, in order to process an audio file, we need to convert it into a mel spectrogram format, then this spectrogram is ...
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Ready to use (already trained) ANN for small (64x64) RGB image compression

In my research, there is a current task of small (64x64 pixels) image compression. The images are photos, represented as RGB. While it is not a core interest, I wanted to compare some compression ...
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Generative systems based on Schmidhuber's compression framework

In Driven by Compression Progress: A Simple Principle Explains Essential Aspects of Subjective Beauty, Novelty, Surprise, Interestingness, Attention, Curiosity, Creativity, Art, Science, Music, Jokes ...
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Do text compression tests qualify winRar or 7zip as intelligent?

I read this paper Text Compression as a Test for Artificial Intelligence, Mahoney, 1999. So far I understood the following: Text Compression tests can be used as an alternative to Turing Tests for ...
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How can I compress the states of a reinforcement learning agent?

I'm working on a problem that involves an RL agent with very large states. These states consist of several pieces of information about the agent. The states are not images, so techniques like ...
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Did the Hutter Prize help research in artificial intelligence in any way?

Wikipedia states: The Hutter Prize is a cash prize funded by Marcus Hutter which rewards data compression improvements on a specific 1 GB English text file. The goal of the Hutter Prize is to ...
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Can a data compression function be used to make predictions?

I've heard that prediction is equivalent to data compression. Is there a way to take a compression function and use it to create an AI that predicts?
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Is it possible for a neural network to be used to compress data?

When training a neural network, we often run into the issue of overfitting. However, is it possible to put overfitting to use? Basically, my idea is, instead of storing a large dataset in a database, ...
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What is the current research in artificial intelligence in the field of data compression?

What is the current research in artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of data compression? I have done my research on the PAQ series of compressors, some of which use neural ...
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