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Why is symbolic AI not so popular as ANN but used by IBM's Deep Blue?

Everybody is implementing and using DNN with, for example, TensorFlow or PyTorch. I thought IBM's Deep Blue was an ANN-based AI system, but this article says that IBM's Deep Blue was symbolic AI. Are ...
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How does (or should) AlphaGoZero (which does chess) fare against Deep Blue?

Deep blue is good at chess, but is more "hand-coded" or "top-down". AlphaGoZero is "self-taught", and at Go is very much super-human. https://...
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How could Deep Blue possibly cheat?

On Wikipedia we can read: Kasparov accused IBM of cheating and demanded a rematch. IBM refused and retired Deep Blue. What was the accusation and how was Deep Blue allegedly able to cheat?
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Is Deep Blue superintelligent or not?

When AI has some narrow domain, such as chess, where it can outperform the world's human masters of chess, does it make it a superintelligence or not?
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