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Questions tagged [deepfakes]

For questions related to deepfakes, which refers to machine learning techniques used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos. Deepfakes have been used to create fake celebrity pornographic videos, revenge porn, fake news, and malicious hoaxes.

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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to detect image manipulation, for example deep fakes?

Is it possible to detect image manipulation, for example deep fakes? I will publish some photos on internet, and want others to be able to verify if photos are really from me, and also to detect if ...
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Is AI good at detecting AI-generated content?

Are AI models good at detecting AI-generated image or video content like deep fakes? Which model can we use for the detection of AI-generated image content?
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What is the most modern technique for generating a video from an image+driver video?

NVIDEA's Maxine and Live Portrait microservices look very promising but they are still in early access. But if you dig into Live Portrait it seems to be built off of a three year old github repo. ...
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Do you know of a website/resource that gives the latest status of "deep fake" use cases/tools?

I'm looking for a good summary of the state of tools for making AI generated videos of people talking. This can be no-code, low-code, or running/tweaking actual code. Here are some use-cases. I would ...
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Are the existential dangers of AI exaggerated?

I understand some of the inherent dangers involved with AGI and advanced machine learning. While I can see some of the more low-level risks associated with AI coming to fruition (deep-fakes, biased ...
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Non-face "deepfakes" in videos

Instead of changing faces (like James Bond to Putin) what if, given sufficient training data, I wanted to: Remove or add some windows from a brick house? Convert a glass of red wine to a glass of ...
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1 vote
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Is Speech to Speech with changing the voice to a given other voice possible?

Background: I am working on a research project to use (demonstrate) the possibilities of Machine Learning and AI in artistic projects. One thing we are exploring is demonstrating deep fakes on stage. ...
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Why don't those developing AI Deepfake detectors use two detectors at once so as to catch deepfakes in one or the other?

Why don't those developing AI Deepfake detectors use two differently trained detectors at once that way if the Deepfake was trained to fool one of the detectors the other would catch it and vice-versa?...
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How does noise input size affect fake image generation with GANs?

In Generative Adversarial Networks, the Generator takes noise vector as input and feeds it forward to create an image. The noise vector consists of random numbers sampled from the normal distribution. ...
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1 answer

Can GANs be used to generate something other than images?

AFAIK, GANs are used for generating/synthesizing near-perfect human faces (deepfakes), gallery arts, etc., but can GANs be used to generate something other than images?
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3 votes
1 answer

How do deepfakes work and how they might be dangerous?

Deepfakes (a portmanteau of "deep learning" and "fake") are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else's likeness. Nowadays most of the news ...
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Can I use deepfake to rotoscope for animation?

I'm a big fan of animation and have kept an eye on the deepfake's ability to replicate full body motion. So I ask Is there a deepfake software available I can use to gather animation from a video? ...
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How does deepfake technology work with multiple people in a single frame?

I was watching this video from corridor crew, according to them, they have used deepfake technology to create this video. I myself have never made a deepfake videos, but I have enough knowledge in the ...
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Isn't deep fake detection bound to fail?

Deep fakes are a growing concern: the ability to credibly alter a video may have great (negative) impacts on our society. It is so much of a concern, that the biggest tech companies launched a ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Deepfakes as "force for good"?

As per the law of unintended consequences, could it be that deepfakes will eventually have the opposite effect to what people currently seem to fear most. For example, once it is clear that anyone can ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Can we combat against deepfakes? [duplicate]

I came across 'Amber'( where they are claiming that they have trained their AI to find patterns emerging due to artificially created videos which are invisible to naked eye. I ...
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2 answers

How to make deepfake video without a fancy PC?

Is there any way to make deepfake videos without a fancy computer? For example, run the DeepFaceLab on a website so your own computer won't get involved?
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How do deep fakes get the right encoding for both people?

Deep fakes work by using a single encoder but then having a different decoder for different people. But I wondered what if the encoder encodes say "closed eyes" of person A as the same code for "...
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Is it possible to spot photoshoped or edited photos using AI?

I have this question in my head: does the current level of AI development allow us to spot faked or photoshoped images? (i.e forged ID card or personal documents). If it is possible, what is such a ...
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4 answers

What are some tactics for recognizing artificially made media?

With the growing ability to cheaply create fake pictures, fake soundbites, and fake video there becomes an increasing problem with recognizing what is real and what isn't. Even now we see a number of ...
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