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For questions related to the de-noising auto-encoder model.

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Neural Networks Model Predictions on Same Sample

I have built a tensorflow model to reconstruct the given input data sample by using an Autoencoder to predict the Missingness in the sample. However I do not have enough data sample where i don't have ...
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Denoise autoencoder not training properly [closed]

I'm trying to make a denoise autoencoder wherein the encoder part is vgg16 and decoder is opposite of vgg16(encoder) network. My dataset consists of 5K images in grayscale. Now while training, the ...
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Is the GAN architecture better suited for medical image denoising than the CNN?

I'm considering using GANs for medical image denoising, based on previous literature, like this and this. My input to the GAN would be a high-noise image and my ideal output would be a low-noise, high-...
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How can a de-noising auto-encoder act as an anomaly detection model?

In some research papers, I have seen that, for training the autoencoders, instead of giving the non-anomalous input images, they add some anomalies to the normal input images, and train the auto-...
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How much data do we need for making a successful de-noising auto-encoder?

Is there a guide how much data do you need for making successful denoising model using autoencoders? Or the rule is, the more data, the better it is? I tried with small dataset 350 samples, to see ...
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