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Questions tagged [dialogue-systems]

For questions related to dialogue systems, which are computer systems intended to converse with a human.

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4 votes
1 answer

Is there any literature on the design of dialogue systems for interviews and questionnaire administration?

For my master thesis I am working on a dialogue system that should be deployed in hospitals to administer simple questionnaires to patients. I already did literature research and I'm fine with what I ...
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Is it possible to integrate the GPT-3 by OpenAPI inside Unity3D or any game-engine?

My company has full access to beta testing for GPT-3. We wanted to try it for some games or game mechanics within Unity3D. Is it possible to use it for dialogues or with unity scripts? The Documents ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Are there any other language models besides GPT-3 that can be used to create chatbots with a specific identity and environment?

I've recently been looking into language models but ran into a small question out of curiosity. For some language models like GPT-3, it is possible to generate dialogue, with the model basing its ...
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What is the score used to visualize attention in this paper?

I'm reading this paper Global-Locally Self-Attentive Dialogue State Tracker and follow through the implementation published in GLAD. I was wondering if someone can clarify what variable or score is ...
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Is there a way to break a piece of dialogue into components?

In many chatbots, I've seen a lot of hardcoded responses, but nothing that allows an AI to break a piece of dialogue into components (say that the speaker sounds happy or is trying to be manipulative) ...
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Creating or using a corpus for a chatbot interaction modelling for an existing intelligent tutor system

I'm currently researching and building a chatbot to link to an existing intelligent tutoring system for the domain of the topic of relational databases. The current intelligent tutoring system is ...
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