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For questions related to the discriminator component of GANs.

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Can some one help me understand this paragraph from Nvidia's progressive GAN paper?

In the paper Progressive growing of gans for improved quality, stability, and variation (ICLR, 2018) by Nvidia researchers, the authors write Furthermore, we observe that mode collapses traditionally ...
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Why does the relativistic discriminator increase the probability that generated data are real and decrease the probability that real data are real?

I was reading the ESRGAN whitepaper, where I came across this line: Relativistic discriminator [2] is developed not only to increase the probability that generated data are real but also to ...
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Training Conditional DCGAN with GAN-CLS loss

I am trying to implement conditional GAN using GAN-CLS loss as described in paper: So, while training discriminator, I should I have three batches of data: [...
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