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For questions about the double DQN model introduced in the paper "Deep Reinforcement Learning with Double Q-learning" (2015) by Hado van Hasselt et al.

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What exactly is the advantage of double DQN over DQN?

I started looking into the double DQN (DDQN). Apparently, the difference between DDQN and DQN is that in DDQN we use the main value network for action selection and the target network for outputting ...
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Can DQN perform better than Double DQN?

I'm training both DQN and double DQN in the same environment, but DQN performs significantly better than double DQN. As I've seen in the double DQN paper, double DQN should perform better than DQN. Am ...
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Why does adding another network help in double DQN? [duplicate]

What is the idea behind double DQN? The target in double DQN is computed as follows $$ Y_{t}^{\text {DoubleQ }} \equiv R_{t+1}+\gamma Q\left(S_{t+1}, \underset{a}{\operatorname{argmax}} Q\left(S_{t+1},...
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