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For questions related to edge detection algorithms in image processing and computer vision.

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How to identify and diferentiate several edge lines of an object?

I want to create an AI to detect and identify certain edge lines on my image. The input image is a locker key, and I want to know the exact position of certain edges. Sample input image: Sample ...
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How to normalise image input to backpropogation algorithm?

I am implementing a simple backpropagation neural network for classifying images. One set of images are cars another set of images are buildings (houses). So far I have used Sobel Edge detector after ...
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How can traditional edge detection algorithms be implemented on a GPU?

How can edge detection algorithms, which are not based on deep learning, such as the canny edge detector, be implemented on a GPU? For example, how are non-edge pixels removed from an image once it ...
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Is a Sobel filter for edge detection a type of Cellular Neural Network?

I have implemented a Sobel filter for edge detection in Matlab without using its toolbox. I am a bit confused: Is a Sobel filter a type of Cellular Neural Network? Both Sobel and Cellular Neural ...
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