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For questions related to teaching and learning AI concepts.

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Use AI in Education App

I have an Education app need to improve it even more with the power of AI. Currently i'm able to do those tasks: Each teacher can review a specific student one/many times.This review performed by ...
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How to validate my knowledge of models implementation, pros and cons and area of applicability?

So I've been doing ML for ~2 years in industry, I'm a BSc in applied math, finished several courses on ML/DL on coursera, read some specific topics in ML/DL books. Seem to be in the know, more or less....
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Can AI be used for grading code copy exercises and adjust difficulty based on these scores?

I'm a senior in a bachelor Multimedia and Creative Technology. My experience is mostly full-stack web app development. For my bachelor's thesis, I need to do research in a subject I have no experience ...
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Explaining AI to Non-Technical Individuals

How does one approach proposing AI to management? This is something I have struggled with for a long time. I want to implement AI toward a specific problem in my place of work. My supervisors are ...
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Are calculus and differential geometry required for building neural networks?

I've been studying geometry and linear algebra for months with the goal to build neural networks. But now I'm reading that perceptrons require fitting curves, and curves are not expressed as linear ...
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How much C++ is needed for research in machine learning and artificial intelligence?

I am currently doing a master's in applied mathematics, and I recently got interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and I am thinking of going for a Ph.D. in this area. I have a ...
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What are the pros and cons of studying machine learning before deep learning? [duplicate]

I'm a biotech student and I'm currently working on single-particle tracking. For my work, I need to use aspects of deep learning (CNN, RNN and object segmentation) but I'm not familiar with these ...
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Which nonfictional documentaries about Artificial Intelligence are available?

From the subjective perspective, the number of documentaries about the subject Artificial Intelligence and robotics is small. It seems, that the topic is hard to visualize for the audience and in most ...
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Is it necessary to know the details behind the AI algorithms and models?

I am interested in the field of artificial intelligence. I began by learning the various machine learning algorithms. The maths behind some were quite hard. For example, back-propagation in ...
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What are the mathematical prerequisites for an AI researcher?

What are the mathematical prerequisites for understanding the core part of various algorithms involved in artificial intelligence and developing one's own algorithms? Please, refer to some specific ...
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How could an AI be used to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics?

I have been working with AI methods. I am thinking about how my daughter (and also other kids) could learn mathematics with the help of AI. For example, how could an AI be used to show the mistakes ...
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What are the mathematical prerequisites to be able to study artificial general intelligence?

What are the mathematical prerequisites to be able to study artificial general intelligence (AGI) or strong AI?
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What programmable devices can be used to teach artificial intelligence?

Could you give examples of affordable programmable devices that could be used in university classes to teach students about A.I. and demonstrate it? The devices are expected to do some form of self-...
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Why teaching only search algorithms in a short introductory AI course?

I understood that the concept of search is important in AI. There's a question on this website regarding this topic, but one could also intuitively understand why. I've had an introductory course on ...
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What kind of education is required for researchers in AI?

Suppose my goal is to collaborate and create an advanced AI, for instance, one that resembles a human being and the project would be on the frontier of AI research. What kind of skills would I need? I ...
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