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Questions tagged [embedded-design]

For questions related to the design of embedded systems that employ AI, the use of AI to create embedded systems, or the design of the AI that is used in an embedded system. This includes robotics for consumers in residential, business, or industry environments and other types of embedded devices.

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Hardware for EdgeML/EmbeddedML [closed]

I want to learn more about EdgeAI or EmbeddedML, whatever term you like best. I played with an Arduino Nano, running some of the tutorial projects (motion detection), but I don't think it is up to ...
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How to know if a real-time classifier is achivable in a low-power emdedded system?

Say I have an Machine/Deep learning algorithm I developed on a desktop pc to achieve a real-time classification of time series events from a sensor. Once the algorithm is trained and performs good, I ...
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What are the aspects that most impact on the inference time for neural networks in embedded systems?

I work with neural networks for real-time image processing on embedded softwares and I tested different architectures (Googlenet, Mobilenet, Resnet, custom networks...) and different hardware ...
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Use mobile device camera for moving pattern recognition [closed]

For instance, one task would be to detect if with an Android phone in hand, I'm panning the camera toward a circle shape in a 2D space. What is the best technology set and embedded application ...
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