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Fine Tuning a Bert Transformer. How to label for emotions and train large scripts?

From what I have seen you can fine tune a Bert model to detect emotions by labelling single sentences. But if the text you want to evaluate is a large script with many sentences, do I need to split ...
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What is the difference between feature extraction and fine-tuning in transfer learning?

I'm building a model for facial expression recognition, and I want to use transfer learning. From what I understand, there are different steps to do it. The first is the feature extraction and the ...
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Is there any research on the detection of the user's emotion and stress based on the mouse movement and keyboard?

I have to create a model that can detect the user's emotion and stress level based on their mouse movement and keyboard typing activity. I didn't found any research work based on this. Is there any ...
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What is the formal terminology for emotion recognition AI?

I'm researching the use of emotion recognition in Intelligent Tutoring Systems and trying to more effectively find and formally reference materials. My question is whether this is the most formal ...
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Is there any research on the identification of a person's feelings using features such as facial expressions or body temperature?

People could be sad, happy, depressive, angry, nervous, calm, relaxed, bored, etc. I don't know how to express all of these feelings and emotions in English terms (I'm not an English native speaker), ...
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Could an AI feel emotions?

Assuming humans had finally developed the first humanoid AI based on the human brain, would It feel emotions? If not, would it still have ethics and/or morals?
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