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Questions tagged [entropy]

For questions about the concept of (information) entropy in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Is information gain only calculated using decrease in entropy of a dataset?

Is information gain only calculated using decrease in entropy of a dataset? If I calculate it using the decrease in Gini Impurity, before and after the split, can it not be considered information gain?...
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Do probabilities that don't vary much from the average contribute to greater entropy?

If the entropy of information reaches its maximum when all values of X are equally probable, indicating maximum uncertainty, do probabilities that don't vary much from the average contribute to ...
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How do I add Entropy to a PPO algorithm?

I learned about adding entropy to RL algorithms through the notes provided in SpinningUp. They explained how entropy is added to the SAC algorithm. Here is my understanding - In entropy regularized RL,...
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Why is Soft Q Learning not an Actor Critic method?

I've been reading these two papers from Haarnoja et. al.: Soft Actor-Critic: Off-Policy Maximum Entropy Deep Reinforcement Learning with a Stochastic Actor Reinforcement Learning with Deep Energy-...
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Can entropy bonus be used with state-independent log std for stochastic policies?

In this blog article by openai, they say the std of the exploration distribution must be state-dependent, i.e. an output of the policy network, so it works with the entropy bonus, which is an integral ...
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Why exclude the first entropy bonus term in the soft Q-function in SAC?

Based on OpenAI Spinning Up description of Soft Actor Critic (SAC) the soft Q-function is defined as and as they say Q value is changed to include the entropy bonuses from every timestep except the ...
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What does the product of probabilities raised to own powers used for entropy calculation quantify?

Suppose $X$ is a random variable taking $k$ values. $$Val(X) = \{x_1, x_2, x_3, \cdots, x_k\} $$ Then what is the following expression of $N(X)$ called in literature if exists? What does it signify? $$...
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How does high entropy targets relate to less variance of the gradient between training cases?

I've been trying to understand the Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network paper by Hinton et al. But I cannot fully understand this: When the soft targets have high entropy, they provide much ...
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How does NN follows law of energy conservation?

Communication requires energy, and using energy requires communication. According to Shannon, the entropy value of a piece of information provides an absolute limit on the shortest possible average ...
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How to calculate the entropy in the ID3 decision tree algorithm?

Here is the definition of the entropy $$H(S)=-\sum_{x \in X} p(x) \log _{2} p(x)$$ Wikipedia's description of entropy breaks down the formula, but I still don't know how to determine the values of $X$,...
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