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Questions tagged [environment]

For questions related to the concept of environment in reinforcement learning and other AI sub-fields.

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3 answers

Is the optimal policy always stochastic if the environment is also stochastic?

Is the optimal policy always stochastic (that is, a map from states to a probability distribution over actions) if the environment is also stochastic? Intuitively, if the environment is ...
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What is the advantage of using more than one environment with the advantage actor-critic?

make_env = lambda: ptan.common.wrappers.wrap_dqn(gym.make("PongNoFrameskip-v4")) envs = [make_env() for _ in range(NUM_ENVS)] Here is a code you can look at. ...
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Is there a fundamental difference between an environment being stochastic and being partially observable?

In AI literature, deterministic vs stochastic and being fully-observable vs partially observable are usually considered two distinct properties of the environment. I'm confused about this because what ...
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How does Q-learning work in stochastic environments?

The Q function uses the (current and future) states to determine the action that gets the highest reward. However, in a stochastic environment, the current action (at the current state) does not ...
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Benchmarks for reinforcement learning in discrete MDPs

To compare the performance of various algorithms for perfect information games, reasonable benchmarks include reversi and m,n,k-games (generalized tic-tac-toe). For imperfect information games, ...
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Once the environments are vectorized, how do I have to gather immediate experiences for the agent?

My main purpose right now is to train an agent using the A2C algorithm to solve the Atari Breakout game. So far I have succeeded to create that code with a single agent and environment. To break the ...
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