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For questions on ethical issues related to AI. Questions may be concrete, such as ethical/unethical applications, or metaphysical, such as "will automata develop their own ethics?"

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How can it be shown clearly and transparently that the outcomes of data-driven health and care technology are validated?

The National Health Service (NHS) wrote down several principles in a document Code of conduct for data-driven health and care technology (updated 18 July 2019). I am concerned with principle 7. Show ...
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Studies on interest in results from ML purely due to use of ML

There is often interest in the results of machine learning algorithms, specifically because they came from machine learning algorithms -- as opposed to interest in the results in and of itself. It ...
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Which AI conference presentation on predicting terrorist movement inside buildings caused protest in the audience and media?

I remember reading an online news article a while ago on AI ethics that described a conference presentation on the subject of a military AI system that predicted terrorist movement inside buildings ...
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Are the existential dangers of AI exaggerated?

I understand some of the inherent dangers involved with AGI and advanced machine learning. While I can see some of the more low-level risks associated with AI coming to fruition (deep-fakes, biased ...
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Would empathy in AI be a reliable tool/capacity, or contribute to a solution to avoid harm done to humans or to other versions of AI?

INTRODUCTION: I am not a developer, scientist, or expert in anything related to AI. Just a random person who happens to be curious about AI and science in general. So please be so kind as to forgive ...
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