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For questions related to the "expectation-maximisation" (EM) algorithm (which is used in several contexts in AI).

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Why is the E step in expectation maximisation algorithm called so?

The E step on the EM algorithm asks us to set the value of the variational lower bound to be equal to the posterior probability of the latent variable, given the data points and parameters. Clearly we ...
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How can the expectation-maximization improve the classification?

I am learning the expectation-maximization algorithm from the article Semi-Supervised Text Classification Using EM. The algorithm is very interesting. However, the algorithm looks like doing a ...
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What is expectation-maximization in machine learning?

While studying machine learning algorithms, I often see the term "expectation-maximisation" (or EM), and how it is used to estimate parameters, where the model depends on unobserved latent variables. ...
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