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For questions related to the ExpectiMinimax algorithm (or tree), which is a variation of the minimax algorithm (or tree). In addition to "min" and "max" nodes of the traditional minimax tree, this variant has "chance" nodes (which take the expected value of a random event occurring), which are interleaved with the max and min nodes. The ExpectiMinimax was proposed in "Game-playing and game-learning automata" (1966) by Donald Michie.

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How to guess a card in the game of Cambio with limited information?

I need help with a probability problem in the card game of Cambio. In this game, two players are dealt four cards each from a deck of 52 cards . At the start of the game, the bottom cards of each ...
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How to alpha-beta pruning to expectiminimax

I have this problem above and I'm trying to think of how to apply alpha-beta pruning to the above. The algorithm states that on you're opponents turn the (expecti turn) you just return the lowest ...
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Is there a probabilistic version of minimax?

How would a probabilistic version of minimax work? For example, we may choose a move that could result in a very bad outcome, but that outcome might just be extremely unlikely so we might think it ...
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How to choose the weights for a linear combination of heuristic functions?

I need to write a minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning in limited time for the 2048 game. I know expectimax is better for this work. Assume I wrote different heuristic functions. If I want to ...
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Is this ExpectiMinimax Tree correctly drawn?

I need help with ExpectiMinimax problem: Start a game. The first player flips a coin. The second player flips a coin. The first player decides if he wants to flip another coin. The second player ...
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What is the variant of the minimax tree with 3 types of nodes called?

I have a task on my class to find all the nodes, calculate their values and choose the best way for the player on the given game graph: Everything is fine, but I have no idea what these dots are. Is ...
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