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Change face landmarks using face mesh

I'm trying to use computer vision or image processing techniques to make nose smaller. Using a SDK called mediapipe we are able to get face mesh, which provides ...
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Which face filter algorithms can work on CPU or integrated GPU?

I see many realtime face swap filters and appearance enhancement filters on smartphone apps. Even apps that can make you look like a granny or show you having a frown, no matter what your actual ...
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Is it feasible to perform facial recognition on hundreds of thousands of individuals?

I came across a video with the title "you can buy things with your face in China". in the video, a woman scanned her face into a vending machine to buy a drink with only her face and without ...
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Can an AI generated image (such as pic of human face) be detected that it's AI generated?

AIs are getting better and better at creating images and art. Some of the stuff is almost impossible to be detected by the naked eye. But what about programs and algorithms? Instead of creating an ...
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Does the converted (now square) distorted image of a face affect the accuracy of the calculation of the similarity in FaceNet?

As far as I know, FaceNet requires a square image as an input. MTCNN can detect and crop the original image as a square, but distortion occurs. Is it okay to feed the converted (now square) ...
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Can a face recognition system be trained using only computer generated hyper realistic faces?

In order to train a face recognition system you need to have access to a large database with thousands of photos containing different faces. Companies like facebook and amazon have these databases but ...
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What are the most relevant resources that define the face detection problem formally?

I am new to AI, and I am a bit lost about finding the relevant materials that define the face detection problem formally/mathematically. Can anyone help me formally define face detection, or at least ...
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