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Do different camera angles affect the performance of the deep learning model?

I'm working on a project to build a face recognition system and I have a question: do different camera angles affect the performance of the deep learning model? For example, in CCTV, training data and ...
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I'm trying to build image search like Google Photo-Image with face is given to model & it'll get all the images in database in which he/she is present

When a user upload a selfie, the model search same person in dataset of images of multiple persons and get back all the images in which that person is present. Step 1: From dataset of images I detect ...
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Perspective distortion (fisheye effect) for checking subject in image is 2D or 3D

I've read from research papers (link1, link2) and some posts (link3, link4) that the fisheye effect (perspective distortion) will be observed as we move camera closer to 3D subject (to be concrete 3D ...
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What is "Extra Supervision"?

I am reading Retinaface paper, RetinaFace: Single-stage Dense Face Localisation in the Wild Jiankang Deng, Jia Guo, Yuxiang Zhou, Jinke Yu, Irene Kotsia, Stefanos Zafeiriou link:
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which journals accept an original idea on AI based face recognition tool as a conceptual paper

I have an original idea/concept for a new face recognition AI based tool. I do not want to patent it but wish to publish it as a conceptual paper, that is to share the original concept. which journals ...
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Is it feasible to perform facial recognition on hundreds of thousands of individuals?

I came across a video with the title "you can buy things with your face in China". in the video, a woman scanned her face into a vending machine to buy a drink with only her face and without ...
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Is it possible to build a facial recognition system using a multi-layered DNN?

I am completely new to AI. As the title says, is it possible to build a facial recognition system using a multi-layered DNN? Would this be effective/practical? I want to implement such a neural ...
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What is the difference between face identification, face verification, and face recognition?

I am confused. On some websites, face identification is just face detection, while face verification is finding the person's identification. They are both considered components of face recognition. ...
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Can an AI generated image (such as pic of human face) be detected that it's AI generated?

AIs are getting better and better at creating images and art. Some of the stuff is almost impossible to be detected by the naked eye. But what about programs and algorithms? Instead of creating an ...
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Does the converted (now square) distorted image of a face affect the accuracy of the calculation of the similarity in FaceNet?

As far as I know, FaceNet requires a square image as an input. MTCNN can detect and crop the original image as a square, but distortion occurs. Is it okay to feed the converted (now square) ...
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Can a face recognition system be trained using only computer generated hyper realistic faces?

In order to train a face recognition system you need to have access to a large database with thousands of photos containing different faces. Companies like facebook and amazon have these databases but ...
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Arcface implementation for image similarity produces opposite embeddings for positive negative image pairs

So I've built an arcface model with this arcface layer implementation: I trained for a few epochs and now that I'm comparing the ...
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Face recognition from single image provided

I am working on a computer vision project, based on face detection to record the time spent by a person in an office. It consists of detecting the face by camera number 1 (input), temporarily storing ...
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Face detection and replacement in photos

I have 2 photos, and my goal is to detect the face in one and place it on the face of the person in the other photo- basically face detection and replacement. It's not deep fakes. It's more of a ...
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In a face database containing multiple images per subject, how do we determine the face image which is most suited for face recognition?

Let us imagine a face database with several subjects, each subject having multiple face images. How do we determine which is the best face suitable for face recognition purposes?
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What is a "center loss"?

I have seen that a center loss is beneficial in computer vision, especially in face recognition. I have tried to understand this concept from the following material A Discriminative Feature Learning ...
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What are the steps that I need to follow to build a neural network for face recognition?

I have developed face recognition algorithms by using pre-built libraries in Python and open CV. However, suppose if I want to make my own neural network algorithm for face recognition, what are the ...
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Face liveness detection using face landmark points

How to detect liveness of face using face landmark points? I am getting face landmarks from android camera frames. And I want to detect liveness using these landmark points. How to tell if a human ...
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