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Questions tagged [facenet]

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Does the converted (now square) distorted image of a face affect the accuracy of the calculation of the similarity in FaceNet?

As far as I know, FaceNet requires a square image as an input. MTCNN can detect and crop the original image as a square, but distortion occurs. Is it okay to feed the converted (now square) ...
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How to retrain a Facenet model with the triplet loss function?

I want to calculate the similarity or distance of two faces. I'm using Python. I have read and done what this tutorial says. However, the result is not good (the similarity of same faces and ...
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How do we give a kick start to the Facenet network? [closed]

I read the Facenet paper and one thing I am not sure about (it might be trivial and I missed it) is how do we give the kick start to the network. The embeddings, in the beginning, are random, so ...
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How is the constraint $\|f(x)\|_{2}=1$ enforced for the embedding $f(x)$ in the FaceNet paper?

In the FaceNet paper, under section 3.2, the authors mention that: The embedding is represented by $f(x) \in \mathbb{R}^{d}$. It embeds an image $x$ into a $d$-dimensional Euclidean space. ...
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