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For questions related to the concept of a feature map in the context of convolutional neural networks.

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How do we combine feature maps? CNN

In Convolutional Neural Networks we extract and create abstractified “feature maps” of our given image. My thought was this: We extract things like lines initially. Then from different types of lines ...
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combine two features in dataset?

I have a data set containing the number of security gaps and the level of that gap for a specific website. Now suppose I have 2 features in this data set, the first feature is the number of a ...
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What are the recommended ways to change shape of feature maps channel wise other than using Convolutional neural networks?

Suppose I have a feature map with size $C_1 \times H \times W$. And I need to convert it into a feature map of size $C_2 \times H \times W$. One way to do this is to use convolutional neural networks ...
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How is the depth of the filters of convolutional layers determined? [duplicate]

I am a bit confused about the depth of the convolutional filters in a CNN. At layer 1, there are usually about 40 3x3x3 filters. Each of these filters outputs a 2d array, so the total output of the ...
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What is the difference between a receptive field and a feature map?

In a CNN, the receptive field is the portion of the image used to compute the filter's output. But one filter's output (which is also called a "feature map") is the next filter's input. What's the ...
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CNNs: What happens from one neuron volume to the next?

I've gone through several descriptions of CNNs online and they all leave out a crucial part as if it were trivial. A "volume" of neurons consists of several parallel layers ("feature ...
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How is the depth of a convolutional layer determined?

I am looking at a diagram of ZFNet below, in an attempt to understand how CNNs are designed. In the first layer, I understand the depth of 3 (224x224x3) is the number of color channels in the image. ...
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