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For questions related to fitness functions in the context of evolutionary computation and evolutionary algorithms. A fitness function is a function that assesses the quality (or fitness) of an individual (i.e. solution) in the population (in the case of population-based evolutionary algorithms).

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How to perform classification with NEAT-Python?

I am trying to do classification using NEAT-python for the first time, and I am having difficulty getting the accuracy rate. I tried the same problem with an ANN and was able to get a good accuracy ...
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Is there any disadvantage of the maximum number of fitness function call as a stop criterion?

I'm studying different stop criteria in genetic algorithms and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them for evaluating different algorithms. One of these methods is the max number of fitness ...
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Is a neural network the correct approach to optimising a fitness function in a genetic algorithm?

I've written an application to help players pick the optimal heroes during the draft phase of the Heroes of the Storm MOBA. It can be daunting to pick from 80+ characters that have synergies/counters ...
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How to calculate adjusted and normalized fitness when a higher raw fitness is better

I am reading Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection by John R. Koza. For calculating the "standardized fitness" of an individual, where a lower ...
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How can I perform the forward pass in a neural network evolved with NEAT, given that some connections may not exist or there may be loopy connections?

I have a problem that arose as part of a NEAT (Neuro Evolution Through Augmenting Topologies) implementation that I am writing. I am wanting it to produce topologies or graphs that describe neural ...
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Best fitness function for car driving around a procedural race track?

I am using the NEAT algorithm to power a car around a procedural race track. Each generation, a new track is created to avoid the car overfitting the environment. The aim is for the car to drive ...
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