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Typical FLOPs for training and hyperparameter tuning of standard models?

I am trying to find estimates of the typical FLOPs required for training a modern model. The FLOPs used for inference are widely reported and cluster around $10^6$ - $10^7$ for many large models. ...
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Does higher FLOPS mean higher throughput?

I understand that FLOPS means floating-point operations per second, and throughput is the number of inputs (for example, images) per second. If a model has higher FLOPS, it means it performs faster. ...
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Given an input of shape $(3, 32, 32)$, which is convolved with a $(3 \times 3)$ kernel, how do I calculate the FLOPS?

I have an input tensor of shape $\mathbf{(3, 32, 32)}$ consisting of 3 channels, 16 rows, and 16 columns. I want to convolve the input tensor using $\mathbf{(3 \times 3)}$ kernel/filter. How can I ...
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