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Why differentiation of fourier operator is difficult?

I have a question when I read some papers about physics-informed neural networks. In the paper of physics-informed neural operator, they said "it is non-trivial to compute the derivatives for ...
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What does the Fourier transformed image mean?

I have been trying to figure out what the Fourier transformed image represents. I am aware of Fourier transformation in general, but I can't explain myself the image it forms after transformation. ...
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What are examples of applications of the Fourier transform to AI?

The (discrete and continuous) Fourier transform (FT) is used in signal processing in order to convert a signal (or function) in a certain domain (e.g. the time domain) to another domain (e.g., ...
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Can the recurrent neural network's input come from a short-time Fourier transform?

Can the recurrent neural network input come from a short-time Fourier transform? I mean the input is not from the time-series domain.
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Why is the short-time Fourier transform used for preprocessing audio samples?

I've been told this is how I should be preprocessing audio samples, but what information does this method actually give me? What are the alternatives, and why shouldn't I use them?
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