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For questions about the FrozenLake environment, which is a very simple environment often used in the context of reinforcement learning.

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My first experience with gym environment has raised many questions, and I need some guidance [closed]

As I'm new to the AI/ML field, I'm still learning from various online materials. In this particular instance, I've been studying the Reinforcement Learning tutorial by deeplizard, specifically ...
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What should the discount factor for the non-slippery version of the FrozenLake environment be?

I was working with FrozenLake 4x4 from open AI gym. In the slippery case, using a discounting factor of 1, my value iteration implementation was giving a success rate of around 75 percent. It was much ...
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Why is my implementation of Q-learning not converging to the right values in the FrozenLake environment?

I am trying to learn tabular Q learning by using a table of states and actions (i.e. no neural networks). I was trying it out on the FrozenLake environment. It's a very simple environment, where the ...
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