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Questions tagged [generalization]

For questions related to the concept of generalization in computational learning theory and machine learning.

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Will parameter sweeping on one split of data followed by cross validation discover the right hyperparameters?

Let's call our dataset splits train/test/evaluate. We're in a situation where we require months of data. So we prefer to use the evaluation dataset as infrequently as possible to avoid polluting our ...
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Why does learning rate reduce train-test generalization gap?

In this blog post: Prof Recht shows two plots: He says one of the reasons the plot below has a lower train-test gap is because that model was trained ...
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How to Prove This Inequality, Related to Generalization Error (Not Using Rademacher Complexity)?

This is an inequality on page 36 of the Foundations of Machine Learning by Mohri, but the author only states it without proof. $$ \mathbb{P}\left[\left|R(h)-\widehat{R}_{S}(h)\right|>\epsilon\right]...
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References on generalization theory and mathematical abstraction of ML concepts

I'd like to learn about generalization theory for machine learning algorithms. I'm looking for books and other references (in case books aren't available) that provide a gentle introduction to the ...
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Enhancing Generalization in DRL Agents in Static Data Environments

Context: I'm working with a deep reinforcement learning (DRL) agent in a market-like environment where its actions do not affect the environment. The environment uses historical data up to a certain ...
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Master theorem about polynomial classifiers?

Does anyone know if there is a theorem or counterexample establishing whether or not for any given binary classification task in some finite (possibly large) dimensional vector space of attributes, ...
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How does Weight Sharing with the Generalization in Graph Neural Networks work?

I have two closely related points regarding the weight sharing and generalization of graph Neural network. For illustration purposes, I attached two images which I reference. Images are taken from the ...
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Late Onset Augmentation

If I train a U-Net model for image segmentation (e.g. medical images) and start training until it converges and then add augmentation - can i expect similar results as if i train with augmentation ...
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How do I determine the generalisation ability of a neural network?

I am trying to ascertain if my neural network is able to generalize or if it’s simply using memory/overfitting to solve a task. I would like my model to generalise. Currently, I train the neural ...
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Can you illustrate how the weights in transformer model generated from a training sentence can be generalized to an unseen test sentence?

Can you show how the weights in transformer model are generalizable?
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