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Use on questions about getting started in AI. Ideal for those new to the field who want to begin researching and developing applications.

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What would be the good choice of algorithm to use for character action selection in an RPG, implemented in Python?

I have developed an RPG in likeness to the features showcased in the Final Fantasy series; multiple character classes which utilise unique action sets, sequential turn-based combat, front/back row ...
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Is it ok to struggle with mathematics while learning AI as a beginner? [closed]

I have a decent background in Mathematics and Computer Science .I started learning AI from Andrew Ng's course from one month back. I understand logic and intuition behind everything taught but if ...
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Is there any opensource 2d open-world simulation with python API? [closed]

For my pet project I’m looking for a grid-like world simulation with some kind of resources that requires from agent incrementally intelligent behaviour to survive. Something like this steam game, ...
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Sentence classification and named identity detection with automatic retraining

I am learning AI and trying out my first real-life AI application. What I am trying to do is taking as an input various sentences, and then classifying the sentences into one of X number of categories ...
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What beginner-friendly machine learning method should I use to make teams for my pickup ultimate frisbee club fairly balanced?

A bunch of friends and I play ultimate every week. Recently I wrote a program to choose our teams for us, as well as keep track of certain data (like which players were on which team, which team won, ...
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How to build my own dataset and model for an LSTM neural network

I have a sort of mathematical problem and I'm not sure which model I should choose to make an LSTM neural network. Currently in my country, there is a system in which certain groups of researchers ...
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Classifying non-labeled data with high dimensionality

Disclaimer: I am a novice in the world of machine learning, so please excuse my ignorance. My dataset consists of things like age, days since last visit, etc. This information is medical related. ...
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Defining formula for fuzzy equation

I'm learning fuzzy logic and more or less understand the basic concept, but i'm having a hard time understanding how to apply it to a method. I tried browsing online for explanation on how to use it, ...
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Neural network to control movement and "home in" on a target

I'm a software developer who keeps trying (and failing) to get my head around AI and neural networks. There is one area that sparked my interest recently - simulating a mouse "homing in" on a piece of ...
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How to find the subject in a text? [closed]

I often develop bots and I need to understand what some people are saying. Examples: - I want an apple - I want an a p p l e How do I find the object (apple)? I honestly don't know where to start ...
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Deep Learning Approaches for Color Enhancement Testing

I'm a student, and currently into image processing project and coding using OpenCV. Recently, I watched Sebastian Thrun from Udacity in TedTalks talked about AlphaGo and I'm totally interested in the ...
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