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For questions related to the GloVe (Global Vectors for Word Representation), which is an unsupervised learning algorithm for obtaining vector representations for words.

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Is there a way to parallelize GloVe cooccur function?

I would like to create a GloVe word embedding on a very large corpus (trillions of words). However, creating the co-occurence matrix with the GloVe cooccur script is projected to take weeks. Is there ...
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Are most things generally discovered because they work empirically and later justified mathematically, or vice-versa?

In the original GloVe paper, the authors discuss group theory when coming up with the equation (4). Is it possible that the authors came up with this model, figured out it was good, and then later ...
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Doubt on formulating cost function for GloVe

I'm reading the notes here and have a doubt on page 2 ("Least squares objective" section). The probability of a word $j$ occurring in the context of word $i$ is $$Q_{ij}=\frac{\exp(u_j^Tv_i)}{\sum_{w=...
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