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For theoretical questions about Google Translate.

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How does translation of a text in an HTML tag works? Consider the following cases

Recently I came a cross to the Google Translate's add-on for Chrome. Basically you have a web page and it translates that web page for you while keeping its structure. I came to the conclusion that it ...
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How is Google Translate able to convert texts of different lengths?

According to my experience with Tensorflow and many other frameworks, neural networks have to have a fixed shape for any output, but how does Google translate convert texts of different lengths?
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What makes Google Translate fail on the Latin language?

As it is discussed here, and I saw it on other Latin language forums too, everybody complains about how Google Translate fails to translate the Latin language. From my personal experience, it is not ...
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What is the actual quality of machine translations?

As an AI layman, till today I am confused by the promised and achieved improvements of automated translation. My impression is: there is still a very, very far way to go. Or are there other ...
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Why can't we use Google Translate for every translation task?

Once a book is published in a language, why can't the publishers use Google Translate AI or some similar software to immediately render the book in other languages? Likewise for Wikipedia: I'm not ...
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Why does Google Translate produce two different translations for the same Chinese text?

I don't understand why Google Translate translates the same text in different ways. Here is the Wikipedia page of the 1973 film "Enter the Dragon". You can see that its traditional Chinese ...
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