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GradCAM++ is a generalized method, which builds on top of Grad-CAM, that can provide better visual explanations of CNN model predictions, in terms of better object localization as well as explaining occurrences of multiple object instances in a single image, when compared to the state-of-the-art.

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What is the correct partial derivative of $Y^c$ with respect to $A_{ij}^{kc}$?

I have a question about the Grad-CAM++ paper. I do not understand how the following equation (10) for the alphas is obtained: $$ \alpha_{ij}^{kc} = \frac{\frac{\partial^2 Y^c}{(\partial A_{ij}^k)^2}} {...
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What is the right way to find the alphas in this equation?

In the Grad-CAM++ paper the following equation (7) is posed (written here without the relu function): $$ Y^c = \sum_k \Bigl( \Bigl\{ \sum_{a,b} \alpha_{ab}^{kc} \cdot \frac{\partial Y^c}{\...