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Why readout operation in message passing graph neural nets have to be invariant to node permutations?

I am reading the paper Neural Message Passing for Quantum Chemistry by Justin Gilmer et al. And I have a question regarding this passage The message functions $M_t$, vertex update functions $U_t$, ...
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Relevance of Weisfeiler–Lehman Graph Isomorphism Test limitation for Graph Neural Networks

Graph Neural Networks power is limited by the power of Weisfeiler–Lehman Graph Isomorphism algorithm. Quoting wikipedia: It has been demonstrated that GNNs cannot be more expressive than the ...
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Why is the Graph Isomorphism Network powerful?

I am reading a paper known as GIN, How powerful are graph neural networks?, Xu et al. 2019 The paper, Lemma 5 and Corollary 6, introduces Graph Isomorphism Network (GIN). In Lemma 5, Moreover, any ...
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